Vol. 06

April 10, 2020


Another week of NYC social distancing, another week of indoors ONLY coolstuff.nyc — this week we’ve got some of the best things for you to read, watch, cook, and more while we work together to flatten the curve.



Lately, we’ve been missing browsing our favorite mastheads at Mulberry Iconic Magazines. That being said, we’ve loved flipping through some of our favorite titles online:


We’ve found the perfect mid-day pick-me-up. John Krasinsky’s new Youtube show, SGN (Some Good News) is filled with current positive & uplifting stories, with the occasional cameo, including John’s old co-star, Steve Carell.


One of the scariest parts of isolation is gearing up to get groceries. Luckily, Natoora, a food service typically reserved for restaurants has opened its offerings for home delivery. Check them out for fresh fruit and veg delivered next-day! 


Headspace, the guided meditation app, put together a special collection of meditation, sleep & movement exercises for New Yorkers, to aid in relieving stress due to the pandemic. You can find the exclusive, free collection here.


One of the cool micro benefits of quarantine has been seeing some of our favorite artists right from the couch. Here are some of our favorites for you to check out:

Phoebe Bridgers - April 10 (TODAY) @ 4pm EST @pitchfork on instagram

Casey Cavanagh - April 17 @ 8pm EST @casey.cavanagh on instagram

Give (joy)

Artist Linden Eller, based in Arizona, has created a world-wide project focused on brightening stranger’s mailboxes, or as she simply puts it, “connecting people who need joy with people who can give joy”. Fill out her form to send joy to health care workers and those in isolation here.


Itching to learn more about fine art & fashion? Moma is offering 5 free online courses to help you become a whiz in photography & contemporary art. Read more about the classes and get your “degree” here!


This week we’ve rounded up our favorite places to get flowers delivered in NYC. Read about our top picks here.


Soho Diner
Soho, Manhattan

Our Rating: 3.25 of 5

When to Go: For pickup or delivery. Call them at 212-965-3011 or order online at Grubhub, Seamless, & Caviar.

What to order: DISCO FRIES!

What to know: This is likely the most expensive diner you’ll ever find.

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