Vol. 03

March 13, 2020


In New York, talking about the coronavirus is unavoidable. Subways are empty and big-box grocery shelves are too. This week we’re sharing cool stuff from the comfort of your home and ways to help if you can.



Alison Roman is one of our favorite recipe authors, and she just published a great pantry noodle soup in the New York Times. We plan to make this for dinner tonight :)


On the note of cooking, Lower East Side favorite, Dimes, just released a cookbook (and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.) Imagine a quirky storybook with great illustrations and some recipes too. Pick up a copy at Dimes Market or order it online here.


To keep things more upbeat in times of d i s t r e s s, we made a playlist that will keep you motivated if you are working from home this week. You can listen to it here.


This week we’ve rounded up ways to aid the NYC service workers community, while many are unable to work.

  1. Email serviceworkerscoalition@gmail.com if:
  • You or someone you know are a service worker in Brooklyn stuck at home.
  • You’d like to help out by offering to bike/walk/drive groceries to people unable to leave their homes.

  1. Donate what you usually pay in tips each week via Venmo to @bkservicecoalition
  2. Support local bodegas — if you need to buy essentials, consider shopping local instead of big box stores like Trader Joes and Target. Small businesses are often hit the hardest in trying times.


Thai Diner
Nolita, Manhattan

Our Rating: 4 of 5

When to Go: now! (if you don’t feel sick)

What to order: Thai Diner Egg Sandwich — the bread is roti! The sausage is Thai! And it’s delicious!!!

What to know: This relatively new diner is the sister restaurant of Uncle Boons and will definitely be a Nolita staple.

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