Best Takeout & Park Pairings

During the pandemic, one of our saving graces has been eating takout. In a park. Far away from other people. Here are a few of our selected ~pairings~ 

Prospect Park & Bahnmigos

We’re starting with a heavy hitter – one of the best parks in NYC with one of the best types of sandwhich. Might we suggest a grilled pork Bahn Mi & Vietnamese iced coffee for your afternoon on the lawn?

Fort Greene Park & Miss Ada 

In some places, Fort Greene park feels like it was designed solely for picnics. Sharing the Chicken Shawarma Hummus Masabaha (with extra pita) is a great afternoon ordeal. Sneak in a few drinks while you’re at it.

Transmitter Park & Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop

Transmitter Park is probably one of the best Brooklyn Secrets. An amazing view, ample benches, and super close to some of the best restaurants in Greenpoint. You can’t go wrong with a classic slice enjoyed in front of the only skyline that matters.

McCarren Park & Frankel’s Deli

Frankel’s just recently re-opened and while we haven’t been in months (︎) we can’t not reccommend a Frankel’s breakfast sandwhich in the park. 

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