Best Updates to Your NYC Rental Under $50

It’s no secret that New Yorkers like us who haven’t left the city since March have probably spent more time awake in our apartments the last few months than all the past years combined. We’ve put together our favorite ways to update your rental for under $50, verdict is out on whether your landlord will agree with us.

Paint your bathroom with sample paint 

︎ Bathroom / small space
︎ $5
︎ 1 hour
︎ Any local hardware store or paint shop is sure to sell sample paint. This is perfect for adding a small pop of color in your home, we added a dark green to our bathroom.

Swap your cabinet pulls

︎ Kitchen
︎ $20
︎ 15 mins
︎ This is possibly a tip you’ve heard before on HGTV but we’re here to remind you how much a difference upgrading your cabinet pulls makes! We went for simple matte black pulls to modernize our cabinets.

Get a grown-up mirror

︎ Bathroom
︎ $35+
︎ 15 mins
︎ Who among us brush our teeth in a crumbling fake-wood medicine cabinet? Put your advil in a closet and replace that old thing with a new, regular mirror. The space will feel bigger and you can even add more personality. 
We love a round mirror for a small bathroom space.

Replace your outdated faucet

︎ Kitchen
︎ $45
︎ 15 mins
︎ A surprisingly easy task that you can do with just a few YouTube tutorials and a wrench! To keep cohesive hardware style, go for something that will match your cabinet pulls - like this matte black modern facet.

Change up the lighting

︎ Every room! 
︎ $50
︎ 2 hours (faster with an electrician)
︎ Changing the lighting from boob light to modern pendant, dramatically changes any space for good. Feeling brave? Head to youtube and learn how to replace the lighting solo. Or just call up your local electrician to be safe. Either way- all you will need is a pendant light (we went with this rice paper lantern) and a cord/light bulb set and you are good to go.

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