5 Steps to Drawing Your Feelings

By Jordan Sondler 

We’ve teamed up with our friend and illustrator Jordan Sondler to help you begin a simple and rewarding creative exercise: drawing your feelings. Check out Jordan’s five steps below and follow along on instagram (@jordansondler) for more mental health content ︎︎︎

Step 1

Grab a piece of paper and a couple of pens, pencils or markers. Note: this can be a post-it note and a weird mechanical pencil you found at the bottom of a backpack—use what you've got!

Step 2

Scrawl the title of the exercise onto your page—you can draw what you want, what you hate, what keeps you up at night, what has you feeling grateful. There are no rules here, this is about YOUR feelings.

Step 3

Draw a rectangle below your title and quarter it.

Step 4

Start drawing! Don't get caught up with being perfect. Making something "pretty" isn't the point of drawing feelings. Think of this as a diary entry. You can be as safe or as vulnerable as you want with it. Maybe you want an ice cream cone, or maybe you want self awareness—either desire is O.K. and right for this exercise. Include text—or don't—it's up to you.

Step 5

Now be proud because you just felt some feelings!

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