Cool Friends: Levi Shaw-Faber & Zoe Cohen 

January 27, 2022

Meet Levi & Zoe, the co-founders of Wiggle Room — Brooklyn’s most fun furniture (yes, those delightfully wiggly tables you’ve definitely seen on Instagram.) Levi spends his days as a Masters candidate at the Yale School of Architecture (!) while Zoe spends hers leading brand marketing at Parade (!!). We caught up with these movers and shakers (not a furniture pun) to see how they started Wiggle Room.

How did you start Wiggle Room, your quirky furniture brand?

“We started Wiggle Room by accident and without a real process or plan for scaling. We moved into our first apartment together in the fall of 2019 and searched high and low for an interesting dining table that wasn’t from a mass retailer but wasn’t insanely expensive either. And, after months of searching, we weren’t satisfied with anything on the market. Levi was interested in woodworking and essentially taught himself how to use various tools through the process of making our dining room table which became the first prototype for Wiggle Room. Shortly after that, our friend Susan Alexandra asked Levi to make her one in yellow… and then a bunch of people we didn’t know asked for one too. The rest is history!” ZC

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

“I started my career at Marc Jacobs heading up the social media and creator/talent division right out of college. The landscape of influencers and tastemakers was really changing at the time and part of my job was reaching out to New York based creatives and getting to know them and exploring different ways we could work together. Through that experience, I was fortunate enough to meet a ton of really amazing people who have bled into almost every facet of my life and many have become some of my closest friends. One of the best parts of the New York creative scene is that it actually feels quite small––everyone knows everyone and people are genuinely excited about helping each other connect and grow.” ZC

What's inspiring you right now?

“We just got back from a month of travel in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. In Venice, we visited a number of projects by one of my favorite architects, Carlo Scarpa. His grasp on materiality and detailed understanding of the tiniest elements of architectural design and history is currently my biggest influence. Look up his Olivetti showroom in St. Mark’s Square. He crammed the tight space with interesting subtle moments.” LSF

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