Cool Friends: Rebecca Schneider 

April 8, 2022

Meet Rebecca, an illustrator, stylist, artist, and all around creative power house based in the West Village. Rebecca knows just about everyone cool in this city from the world of fashion to tech and more. We caught up with Rebecca to hear about how New York inspires her practice and how her love for the arts began at an early age.

How did you start your career as a multidisciplinary artist & creative?

My soul’s call to create has been resonating since my childhood summer art camps with Mrs. Denton – early arts education is important! That spark burned brightly throughout school and fused with my studies in fashion design and business. My journey selling art began in college when I was tasked with raising money for charity and I never looked back.

I moved to New York to work in fashion, but as my creative side-hustles grew organically, I could no longer ignore that inner call. I quit my job in November 2021 and now work as a full time artist, stylist, and brand consultant.

My favorite part of life as a multidisciplinary creative is how my projects play and build off of each other. Color combos I create while painting inspire the next look I style for an event; reviewing street style photos from that event inspire my next fashion illustration for an emerging brand; that emerging brand I illustrate does really cool things on Instagram which I can recommend to other brands I consult… you get it! This playground of endless connected dots and opportunities is what keeps me motivated.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

I love how everyone in the New York creative community, through their craft, has a different way of celebrating the mundanities and magic that make up this city (the best one in the world!)

Whatever creatives put their hands to - fashion, music, ceramics, photography - you can feel the ethereally gritty heartbeat of life in New York like a fingerprint signature.

I celebrate this city through painting to harness an ideal emotion for a space, as well as through prints of my favorite spots in the city like Dante West Village or Tartine. As we’ve learned recently, shops and storefronts can morph quickly, so I want to capture the façades that capture me before they change.

What's inspiring you right now?

  • Strategic daily fragrance swaps to boost my mood. (I’m wearing “Stella” by Tocca today to usher in Spring)
  • The continued resurgence of “effortless prep” men’s fashion.
  • “Firstlight” by Sue Monk Kidd.
  • Pre-Raphaelite red hair color and the talent at @suitecarolinesalon.
  • Looking forward to the Frieze Art Fair in May.
  • My neurotically curated Instagram saved - I have one for every styling client, color inspo, emerging brands, dog photos, you name it… Highly recommend it.

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