Cool Friends: Natalie Freihon

November 4, 2022

Meet Natalie, the founder of Nat’s on Bank, Nat’s on Bleecker, and The Orchard Townhouse. You may also know Natalie for another one of her greatest hits, the legendary Fat Radish that once graced Orchard St. We love ALL of Natalies restaurants for their bold design, imaginative dishes, and fantastic drinks. We caught up with Natalie to hear how opening Nat’s was a step closer to inviting you into her own home.

How did you start your restaurant, Nat’s?

The story is quite a long one so I won’t start at the very beginning.   Nat’s specifically was born out of covid to be honest. I own a hospitality group called Strange Bird Hospitality. We closed one of our beloved restaurants The Fat Radish during covid but were able to continue operating The Orchard Townhouse for the duration of the pandemic. It was an incredible learning experience and brought me closer to the reasons why I work in hospitality than I had ever been before. That passion drove me to find a new space and start on a new journey for my group…The Nat’s Journey! I wanted to open a space that felt like you were coming over to my house. A space that was casual, thoughtful, precise and a bit silly where everyone would feel welcome and hopefully make it their home too. Our first location had to be in the heart of the west village where I’ve lived for 15 years, where my daughter goes to school, where we’re surrounded by such a wonderful community of people. The concept of a thoughtful whimsical home worked and we are excited to continue to bring Nat’s to new neighborhoods that we love.

What’s your favorite part of the New York creative community

I have to say the constant evolution and dynamic nature of those involved.

What’s inspiring you right now?

1960’s French inspired American classic cooking. I am just loving going back to the archives and reading historical cookbooks right now!

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