Cool Friends: Molly Ford 

March 18, 2022

Meet Molly, a Brooklyn-based florist and founder of floral studio Flowers by Ford. We love Molly’s seasonal arrangements that exaggerate nature in the most fun way. We caught up with Molly to hear how she started her lovely (BLOOMING) business.

How did you start your multi-hyphenate career as a floral designer?

About 8 years ago, I asked a floral company several times to be their intern. They eventually said yes, which turned into a part-time job for four years. I learned all the basics from that job. I also learned how hard this career can be. From all the heavy lifting, early morning market runs, late-night event strikes, and working through the weekends. That experience is the basis for everything I do now.

When I was about 5, I told my parents I wanted to be a flower girl when I grew up. I imagined a life where I was picking wildflowers from a field. My childhood was a bit magical. My mom hand-built all of our furniture from grapevines and painted every room a different (bright!) color. My room had tropical murals that covered even the floors. It was so imaginative and full of light. We did not have a lot of money, so everything in our house was built or created by our own hands. We also had a small farm and garden that I would pick flowers from. Those were the moments that I realized I love flowers and wanted my life to be filled with beautiful flowers. Although being a florist is not that simple, I can't believe I get to live the lifestyle I imagined.

What’s your favorite part about the New York Creative community?

This community accepts people with open arms. Within the florists' community, I have made lifelong friends. We support, challenge, and inspire each other. The more people I meet within this creative community, the more I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be.

What’s inspiring you right now?

I always feel very inspired by nature. Something I keep thinking about lately is creating with dirt. I think an installation with dirt mounds and one type of flower covering it would be really interesting. I also want to play with having dirt cover the center of a long dinner table. With flowers, veggies, and fruit coming out of it like a sculpture. It would be a fun way to showcase harvesting and floral design. Maybe the guests at the table could even eat from the veggies and fruit in the middle. That seems inspiring to me! A few florists who always inspire me are Fjura, Hattie, Rana Flora, Forma Flora, Colour Blind Florist, Isa Floral, and Renko.

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