Cool Friends: Madison Snider Podprika

November 18, 2022

Meet Madison, founder of jewelry brand, Fewer Finer. Madison’s work is delicate, and is complimented by her supreme taste in vintage jewelry and other collectables she sells through her company. One of our favorite parts about Madison is how her fun and personable check-ins on instagram make her work, and fine jewelry altogether, down to earth. We caught up with Madison to dive a little deeper into how Fewer Finer became a reality.

How did you start your fine jewelry brand, Fewer Finer?

I started Fewer Finer with a passion for delicate fine jewelry and a drive to create a brand of my own. I was at a point in my life where I felt ready to put my full self into the work of designing a brand. Fewer Finer has grown in a very organic way that - from the beginning - has felt unique and true to who I am. In building the business, I took it step by step,starting in areas where I was initially comfortable (gold and diamonds)and expanding into more verticals as my knowledge grew (bridal,vintage, watches, etc.)

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community?

I have lived in NYC for ten years. The NY creative community is the only community I’ve contributed to enough as a creator that I have been able to feel part of it. My favorite thing about our community is the anonymity. That isn’t to say that it is not welcoming, inspiring, and challenging - also things I love, but the huge volume of talent that floods this city allows each person in the community a certain lack of spotlight as they grow into themselves as a creator. For me, that was important in the beginning as I was learning about the industry of fine jewelry and figuring out my place in it. I think the anonymity of the creative community in NYC allows people to take chances, try new things, and feel unafraid of judgment in failure - all of these things were helpful to me and I know they have major influence on the talented, confident, and original creators that call this city home.

What’s inspiring you right now?

Time away from work and social media and the busyness of summer is really inspiring me at this moment. I am just returning from a month of my wedding and honeymoon and the break from the city, and my regular routine has given me such a breath of fresh air! I love the fall season, the change of everything, and it’s really giving me excitement for what I am doing right now.

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