Cool Friends: Lily Geiger  

January 13, 2023

Meet Lily, founder of Figlia – a non-alcoholic apertivo brand perfect for those of you participating in…dry January! We caught up with Lily to hear about how Figlia came to be, and what is inspiring her right now.

How did you start your non-alcoholic aperitivo brand, Figlia?

I grew up with a parent who battled with alcoholism and eventually lost my dad to the disease, which definitely made me very aware of the options that were not available to those who didn't drink when out at a bar or restaurant. During the pandemic, I started to realize that everyone was developing new habits, especially when it came to drinking. I wanted to find something that I would look forward to having as a nightly ritual that didn't make me feel so bad and also tasted great. That was how the idea for Figlia was born! I then went onto building out the idea and turning it into something real from my mom's house in the Berkshires during the pandemic and launched in April of 2021. It was a crazy time to start a business but I was so happy I went for it!

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

As a born and bred New Yorker, I truly can't say there is a place that makes me feel more comfortable and more myself. I especially felt this way after returning from 3 years in LA and moving home to NYC during the pandemic. What I liked about growing up here and still enjoy about the city is that everyone looks different from one another and there is always something to do. I really never feel bored here and I think that is because there is never a dull moment and where else can you find so many 24/7 diners to sit in?

What's inspiring you right now?

I went to a Waldorf school here in the city and don't think I ever really appreciated it or saw it for what it was until now so that is really inspiring me to explore retroactively. I also recently was lucky enough to get to listen to Marianne Williamson speak at an event I attended in Chicago and left feeling like I really needed to roll up my sleeves!

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