Cool Friends:
Emma Chozick of Thingtesting

October 28, 2022

Meet Emma, the community and curation lead for cult-review platform, Thingtesting. At coolstuff, we love keeping our eye out for what’s new and what’s next, and lucky for us, Emma does this FULL TIME! We caught up with Emma to learn a little bit about what she’s got her eye on, and what is inspiring her right now.

What do you look for in the brands you curate at Thingtesting?

I have my eye on brands at the intersection of good design, innovation, and functionality. A brand I’ve always admired for this is Alessi, whose designs are both playful and practical, and more recent launches include Tulip, Reframed, Yucca Fins, and Lepet.

We add new brands to Thingtesting’s directory each week, some are sourced by me and our team, and many are submitted by our community. I’ve never resonated with the idea of selling something just for the sake of it. We have an overconsumption problem and as consumers, we have far too many options– it can be overwhelming. My curation (and Thingtesting as a whole) has a strong focus on brands that are building from a new perspective.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

The curiosity and openness. People really push themselves to learn and experience new things and as a result, I think it helps the collective to grow.

What's inspiring you right now?

Lots of traveling! I was in Copenhagen in May, spent six weeks in Barcelona over the summer, and next week I’m going to Portugal with my friends at Poolsuite.

I’m also feeling very inspired by my new apartment in Miami’s MIMO district, my shared board with my friend Marty called “Emma’s Hopes & Dreams”, chairs always, my friend Jeanne’s photography and creative direction, the Passer*by* discord, and my parents and their mid-century home in Connecticut where I grew up <3.

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