Cool Friends: Echo Hopkins

December 2, 2022

Meet Echo, the co-founder of Ordinary Habit - a functional object brand whose mission is create habitual moments of calm. Echo founded Ordinary Habit with her mother, Teresa to help more people access the transformative nature of daily play. We caught up with Echo to hear more about how Ordinary Habit came to be.

How did you start your mindfulness + connection driven brand, Ordinary Habit?

Ordinary Habit was born out of wanting a product that didn’t exist at that moment in time. I started doing puzzles at my office, and loved how it was a tactile activity that could be done for five minutes or hours, alone or with others. It really helped me shut off my brain after staring at computer and phone screens. When I went to seek out more puzzles to buy, I couldn’t find any that were “New York sized”, and definitely couldn’t find any that were high quality, with artwork I wanted to look at. My co-founder (who also happens to be my mom!) and I decided to combine forces – she’s a graphic designer, and I have a background working with artists – and create a beautiful, luxury product that we could share with others. We really believe that making time in your day for tactile, playful activities can be so beneficial to mental health.  

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

I think whether you’re seeking out inspiration or not, there’s something about simply being in this city and surrounded by the energy of New York, that brings inspiration to you. Whether it’s a stranger in the street, or the endless culture that is accessible here, there’s creativity everywhere you look. It’s also been wonderful having a few other founders in my circle in the city that I can meet up with, and chat about starting a business.

What's inspiring you right now?

Nature! I’ve been spending a lot of time up in Vermont, and walking around as the leaves are changing is always great for clearing your head and thinking about what’s next. We also just launched a journal, which is meant to encourage you to slow down, and notice the little moments that happen in your every day. Using that tool has been a great way to get the creativity flowing. Heading into next year, we’re thinking about ways to expand our offerings and continue making products that encourage daily rituals that promote wellbeing.

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