Cool Friends: Crystal Ung 

September 30, 2022

Meet Crystal, founder of BowlCut: an Asian American condiment brand inspired by growing up as a,“restaurant kid.” BowlCut’s all natural and vegan sauces are delicious (we love the chili crisp!) We caught up with Crystal to hear a little more about how BowlCut came to be.

How did you start your Asian American condiment brand, BowlCut?

My journey has come full circle! My saucier days started at a young age when I worked at my dad’s restaurant making chili oil and wontons. I've always admired the intimacy and complexity of flavors and the Eastern notion that food is medicine – it can be healing physically and emotionally. What intrigued me the most was experiencing food as an expression of love and a means to connect with people.

At the height of the pandemic, we saw a surge of violence against the AAPI community and it was with the belief that food can drive empathy across cultures that I sought to create Bowlcut, a brand of all-natural condiments rooted in heritage– a uniquely Asian American interpretation of traditional flavors that are nutritious and versatile across dishes. Like my love for food, Bowlcut started in my family’s kitchen where we perfected the initial trio of flavors.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

My favorite part about the New York creative community is the endless curiosity driven by a sense of passion and energy unique to the city. This kind of intellectual curiosity energizes and inspires me – it tends to spark more expansive thinking and authentic connections. 

What's inspiring you right now?

I’m in the nesting period of my pregnancy right now and have been fully immersed in decorating and organizing our home. I’ve always been aesthetically driven and design oriented but diving into decorating a home is extra special. There’s something magical about curating a space to be lived in and experienced on a daily basis. I’ve been feeling inspired by architecture, colors, patterns, scents, and the philosophy of feng shui. Ultimately, I’m defining wellness through the lens of space and it has been both invigorating and challenging.

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