Cool Friends: Anna Gordon   

Chef & Founder of The Good Batch

January 20, 2023

Meet Anna, founder of The Good Batch - a baked goods brand and bakery based out of her super-cute Clinton Hill shop. We caught up with Anna to hear how a small stroopwafel stand grew to a bakeshop and wholesale bakery over the last decade. PS - the sweets are fantastic AND the savory cheddar scone is maybe the best scone we have ever had.

How did you start your Brooklyn based bakery, The Good Batch?

I began the company in 2010 by selling hand-pressed stroopwafels at the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene. My biggest goal at that point was to sell cookies to people that weren’t my friends and family, so I was elated to be doing that! From there, I slowly expanded my offerings, grew a team, got better at business, and in 2014 we built out our headquarter kitchen and bakeshop in Clinton Hill. We’re still going strong in this space!

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

Ah, I really thrive as a little fish in this big NYC sea of creative individuals. I love seeing what others create, both inside and outside of the food industry. Design, art, music, dance— I find it all so inspiring. In NYC, branding and marketing is sometimes just as important as the product you’re making, and I’m very fascinated by that component of business. All of this fuels my own creative process. I’m a very ambitious person by nature, so living and working in this fast-paced, constantly evolving environment really suits me.

What's inspiring you right now?

I’m currently inspired by bringing unexpected flavors and textures into cookies, brought in from the savory palate, and talking to people from different cultural backgrounds than my own. I’m also excited to play with some collaborations this year with other chefs, just as a way to have fun and shake up my routine a bit. On a personal note, I’m committed to visiting more museums and galleries this year, as that always seems to turn my creative dial.

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