Cool Friends: Amy Fusselman  

March 10, 2023

Meet Amy, a New York-based writer who has authored five books, including her new novel, “The Means.” We caught up with Amy to hear what she loves about New York, and how winning a contest jump-started her career.

How did you start your career as a writer?

I’ve been writing since childhood but my identity as an author was jump-started when I won a contest. McSweeney’s was looking to publish a manuscript about electrical engineering on boats and I wrote a proposal that loosely fit the requirements. It’s a memoir about my trying to get pregnant at the time was father was dying. It’s called The Pharmacist’s Mate  

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

I love that there are so many types of makers in New York. I think there’s more openness to experimentation as a result. It’s easier to take creative risks in New York City because there are so just many other people here doing incredible things.

I try to take advantage of being here. I am a theater fan and I try to see a lot of different types of theater. I recently saw two amazing puppet shows: Moby Dick and The Immortal Jellyfish Girl. Where else could I do that? 

What's inspiring you right now?

My partner Frank is the designer behind Horsebeast Bags. He makes them in our living room, so there are always a lot of interesting materials and fabrics in our apartment.  And I am always inspired by our dog, Twix, who often sits next to me on the couch while I write. It’s easy to get really into your head while writing. She helps me stay connected to my heart.

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