Cool Friends:  Zipeng Zhu

Meet Zipeng, a New York based designer whose work is 100% fabulous. Through his design practice, Dazzle Studio, Zipeng creates colorful and captivating works across mediums. You may have even seen some of his motion design work on the big screen in Times Square.

How did your career as an artist begin?

When I was a teen, all I wanted to be was a manga (Japanese comic) artist. Unfortunately, after years of practicing I realised I had absolutely no talent in drawing. But that left me with a huge amount of Photoshop knowledge, so I started to make posters and got absolutely hooked. At that time I was a biochem student and was set to study that at college. One day my art teacher asked me if I had ever considered graphic design as a major. The second I learned that I could make a living by making posters, the rest became history.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

How welcoming & friendly everyone is, I'm so glad to be in a city where creativity is being embraced and celebrated.

What's inspiring you right now?

Cooking, Doja Cat & Golden Girls!

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