Cool Friends:  Tyler Bainbridge of Perfectly Imperfect

August 13, 2021

Meet Tyler, co-founder of the twice-weekly recommendations newsletter Perfectly Imperfect and all around VERY cool person. We’ve been readers for a while now and have come across lots of top tier recs, most notably The Great Pottery Throwdown shared in issue #41. We caught up with Tyler to get the intel behind Perfectly Imperfect & the micro communities that make NYC so great.

P.S. Be sure to subscribe to Perfectly Imperfect soon...there might be a few familiar faces sharing some recs next week ;-)

How did you start your newsletter, Perfectly Imperfect?

I've been obsessed with curation & discovery for as long as I can remember, so when newsletters started getting hot last summer I hit up two of my most tasteful buds, Alex Cushing and Serey Morm, and we formed the Perfectly Imperfect recommendation newsletter. Since I'd been sitting on the name "Perfectly Imperfect" for a while, it all just fell into place after we settled on the conversational and light rec format + our fun visual style that utilizes collages, a lovely shade of blue, and my favorite typeface (Comic Sans).

Less than a week later the three of us were sharing our recommendations, but since we believe that the best way to expand your own taste is by paying attention to what people you find cool are into, the natural next step was for us to start featuring guests that inspire us and redistribute their great taste with our readers too.

11 months later Perfectly Imperfect has shared nearly 1000 recommendations and featured 87 guests ranging from Chris Black to Catherine Cohen— and we're just getting started!

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

Weirdly enough, it's all the various micro-scenes! I grew up in a much smaller city (Boston) and it's still incredible to me how many tiny & overlapping creative communities exist in this city; each with their own influences, visual identity, personalities, events, humor, local spots, etc.

So whether you're into food, poetry, art, music, film, partying, comedy, fashion, or any intersection of them, there's probably a group of people whose interests & hobbies are just like yours (and if not, you can create that change!). That's why this city rocks.

What's inspiring you right now?

All of the guests we've had on Perfectly Imperfect. Anthony Bourdain. Parties. Print media. Live music. Downtown NYC. The music of The Breeders, Babyxsosa, Jessie Ware, Mercury Rev, Hole, Jonathan Richman, Richard Hell, and Kanye West. The films of Caveh Zahedi, Whit Stillman, Elaine May, Wong Kar Wai, Abel Ferrara, Jim Jarmusch, and Éric Rohmer. Podcasts such as The Ion Pack, Throwing Fits, Wet Brain, Red Scare, and How Long Gone. The vintage curation of Leisure Center, Chickees Vintage, Procell, and Chad Senzel’s Archive. Negronis. Summertime.

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