Cool Friends:  Tom Wright of Tom’s Juice

Meet Tom, a New Yorker by way of New Zealand who is the city’s best new juice seller. Tom rides across the five boros nearly every day on his electric bike, bringing along fresh cold-pressed juice (and NO blends!) We caught up with Tom to hear more about his juice enterprise, and why he loves NYC.

How did you start your made-to-order juice company, Toms Juice?
I started Toms Juice around mid 2019 just out of the joy of creating brands and coolstuff. Like anything starting out it was just a lot of trial and error working it all out. When the pandemic hit it was all I had. It was either to make Toms Juice work or back home to New Zealand. Fortunately, I am still here!!

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?
I think I have only scratched the surface with the creative NY community. But from what I have experienced so far I feel that everyone is very encouraging and supportive which is cool.

What's inspiring you right now?
Toms Juice and New York City!

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