Cool Friends:  Sophie & Ava Trilling of Rude Mouth

September 17, 2021

Meet Sophie & Ava, the sisters behind NYC-based wine club, Rude Mouth. We first stumbled upon Rude Mouth when we serendipitously went to Palmetto on the night of their pop-up. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun, a lot of wine, and grabbed a very cool tote on our way out. We caught up with Sophie and Ava to hear about how they fell in love with natural wine.

How did you start your wine club project, Rude Mouth?

They always say the best creations are born out of necessity.  For Rude Mouth, that really rang true for us. When we first started tasting low-intervention wines, it was the only thing we could talk about and the only thing we would drink. However, when we would go to wine bars/wine shops/restaurants, we often were given the “oh you don’t know a thing about wine, do you?” stare. We decided to take matters into our own hands: researching natural wine and reaching out to our friends to share what we learned and where to drink it. From there, we saw a need beyond our group of friends—people who knew next to nothing about low-intervention wines (us), but were eager to learn more through an approachable, unpretentious, and easy-to-understand lens. As a precursor to future pop-ups (and maybe even a bar someday!), Rude Mouth began an Instagram during the pandemic so that we could share our love of low-intervention wines and grow a local community and space where everyone could enjoy and learn with us.

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community?

NYC is our first love. When you learn how to put up with the grit (we all know this city can chew you up and spit you out) and realize what it has to offer - a gold mine of unique and wonderful characters - it opens up a world you’d never experience unless you live here. Half of Rude Mouth’s mission is cultivating relationships with other like-minded businesses within our community and sharing them with our followers. Every day we find something amazing, whether that be Unified Ferments (a beverage company using fermentation methods to create teas, freakin COOL), Flowers By Ford (Molly Ford’s company creating incredible floral designs) or Buswhick Ayuda Mutua (a nonprofit focused on supporting the Buswhick community with everything from organic foods to household needs), we are wowed by the creative outpouring our own small community has to offer.

What’s inspiring you right now?

We are constantly inspired by all of the local pop-ups that go on around Brooklyn. After our first pop-up we couldn’t believe how many people came out to support Rude Mouth. A lot of new faces showed up, and it really put into perspective how important these events are going to be for Rude Mouth’s growth. It was hard work – and when we look at spaces like Kit Brooklyn, Winona's & Auxilio Space who do this full time and do a fantastic job at that, it pushes us to keep at it and make Rude Mouth a project we can be proud of.

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