Cool Friends:  Rachael Tarravechia

Meet Rachael, a fine artist whose fantastical work features a romantic look at spaces, objects, and the world around. We love that Rachael’s painting and sculpture often features nods to well known paintings (hello, miniature Matisse on the wall!) and a decided use of ~*bedazzling*~

How did you begin your career as a fine artist?
Two weeks after graduating from college I moved to NYC in hopes of finding work as a studio assistant for an artist. Pretty soon thereafter I got a part time assistant position with Brooklyn-based sculptor Lauren Clay, and learned so much from her and that job.  I later worked at Kaikai Kiki, and learned a new set of skills.  All the people I’ve met through work and the experiences I’ve had along the way definitely helped me get to where I am now!

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community?
It’s gotta be how genuinely excited, and supportive everyone is of each other’s work.  The sense of community feels very strong in that aspect—everyone wants to see everyone grow.  I love doing studio visits with friends and being able to see what they are up to, and always having people to bounce ideas off of! It’s super inspiring to see everyone succeeding.

What’s inspiring you right now?
Currently, I’ve been looking through a lot of Architectural Digest magazines from the 70’s and 80’s for inspiration. Since everyone has spent way more time at home the past year, I’ve been thinking about our relationships with home, and how these really personal spaces have now become fairly public through social media, zoom calls, magazines, etc. The line between private versus public is becoming increasingly thinner. My paintings aim to capture fleeting, intimate moments.  Moments where the room was just previously occupied, and now there are no people, no phones, no cameras, yet the aura of humanity still lingers. Other things that have been inspiring me lately are dollar store finds, old horror movies (like Suspiria), Bret Easton Ellis novels, and Gloria Gaynor’s album Never Can Say Goodbye.

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