Cool Friends:  Morgan Moinian

Meet Morgan, a young serial-founder whose newest project with designer Adrian Schachter, Adrian Cashmere, is sweeping downtown by storm. The line is drapey, casual, and unexpected (like cashmere for SUMMER!) -- probably what has helped Adrian appear on the backs of every cool person on instagram.

How did you start your cashmere line, Adrian Cashmere?

I have a background in building things- at school I studied Architecture and Design and I’ve been filing LLCs since freshman year. I’m constantly imagining and then creating. When I first heard that one of my closest friends, contemporary visual artist Adrian Schachter, was leisurely designing cashmere, I did my best to hold back my entrepreneurial side and just appreciate it. So I bought a few pieces to support him. But they were so amazing that I couldn’t resist the opportunity to work with him. Adrian, a true cashmere connoisseur, only and really only wears cashmere. He’s a creative genius, with endless ideas and depth behind each of his pieces. In one insanely comfortable lightweight cashmere sweater, Adrian effortlessly manages to express his feelings about mental health, illiteracy, the hypocrisies of the world around him, and so on. So I sent him a three minute voice message on Whatsapp one day, and the next day we formed a company together. Now, Adrian sits on piles of cashmere in his painting studio in Zurich, and I make sure the world sees them, from New York!

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?
I’m obsessed with New York, so this is a hard question. I’m so obsessed that it’s hard for me to go on vacation sometimes. New York is unstoppable, resilient, scary, brave and beautiful. This all comes from its creative community, which I think is so strong because of how curious New Yorkers are. We are all supportive of one another, but that’s because we are all genuinely interested in what people around us are doing. Everyone is running to show up to a gallery opening, taste a new cookie, try on a new pair of sweatpants…all while listening and absorbing. It’s part of being a New Yorker.

What's inspiring you right now?
Penguin paperbacks, Carlo Scarpa, Persian blue, @FutureEarth, Fine & Raw chocolate bars, Rei Kawakubo, Lland Studio, Studio Giancarlo Valle, my mom & dad :). I recently came across NYC-based Leebecca Studio, a platform that tells stories through rendered visualizations and spatial experiences. Rebecca’s work is magical and mysterious. In addition to running Adrian Cashmere, I’m also building a design studio with an emphasis on resin seating and rendered residential interiors. Rebecca’s approach to design has inspired my work a lot in the past year and I appreciate her immensely.

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