Cool Friends:  Mark Clennon

Meet Mark, a New York-based photographer whose work across editorial, commercial, and documentary work has been featured in TIME, The New Yorker, and more. In his own words, Mark uses his work to, “capture the Black experience in its totality. His images are therefore nuanced and multifaceted, capturing joy, pain, triumph and everything in between.”

How did you start your career as a photographer? 

I started to take an interest in photography during the rise of Instagram. I began shooting with my iPhone and eventually received a Canon Rebel starter camera. I started my journey for simple reasons, I just wanted to make great photos. Once I got the basics down and my love for the craft grew, I realized that I wanted to create something larger than myself. I then became more intentional about the images I was creating. Since then, I’ve  been working daily to educate myself on the craft.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

My favorite part of the New York creative community is how we celebrate ourselves. It’s really hard to make it in NYC, and I  feel inspired simply by knowing and interacting with so many incredible New York based artists. The density of the New York creative community is incredible.. There are so many serendipitous moments where you can meet a possible collaborator or source of inspiration.

One of the largest barriers to success is finding a space and community to be creative, another reminder why the Space For Change program is actually allowing ideas and communities to give birth to ideas that just need a space to come to fruition.

*editor’s note: the Space for Change program is looking to sponsor 3 BIPOC photographers to nurture their growth and creative career. If this sounds like you, sign up! Submissions close July 21.

What's inspiring you right now?

I’ve been inspired by Tyler The Creator's latest album, “Call Me When You Get Lost” and it’s accompanying videos directed by Wolf Haley. It’s amazing to watch Tyler’s growth as an artist. It feels like he’s moving freely and continuing to explore and push his talents on his own terms.

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