Cool Friends: Lulu Graham

Meet Lulu, one of our favorite multi-hyphenate creators based in NYC. Through Outfit Dissecting and her clothing company, Wells, Lulu shares the inspiration behind her nostalgic and timeless style along with outfit dissections of friends.
What influenced you to start Outfit Dissecting and Wells?

I started Outfit Dissecting as an art project in high school. I made this little book where I “dissected” outfits. I’ve always been fascinated by vintage clothes, the history behind pieces and objects, and the evolution of personal style. When I moved to the city I started the interview section of the site before that it was just an Instagram account. All in all, it’s really just a place where all my little projects can live happily!

The influence for Wells came from years of summer camp and my love of the uniform I wore each summer. I’ve always loved 40s/50s womenswear, specifically practical garments like pants and tops. My mom and I were always looking for this top that could be both practical and dressy, so after many internships in the Garment District I decided to start the process.

What is inspiring you right now?

In NYC I spent a lot of my free time wandering around and going to shops, bookstores, and museums. Since that hasn’t been the case recently I’ve had to go back to my old ways - the things I did before moving from Atlanta! I’m very easily distracted and I very rarely stay in the same place, let alone sit for a while! This time has forced me to sit with items that once were a huge source of inspiration for me like old notebooks and sketchbooks. I think for most creatives, especially in NYC, it’s extremely difficult to slow down. Perhaps this time has forced people to figure out what really matters to them emotionally and creatively. I hope because of that there will be more authenticity, people creating things out of love rather than feeling like they have to rush to do the next best thing!

What’s your favorite part about the NYC creative community?

How supportive people are of each other! One of my favorite things about the New York creative community is the support channel you start to build as you meet people. I was pretty young when I moved to the city and started interning right away. I was thrown into this world that I knew very little about and I met people that were okay with me being young, I owe so much to everyone that took a chance on me! I love how hard every single person works. I love it! I MISS IT!!!

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