Cool Friends: Jordan Sondler

Meet Jordan, a Brooklyn-based illustrator, author, and mental health advocate. In her own words, she is an “illustrator who loves to talk about her feelings”. Jordan’s colorful and quirky illustrations tell you the things you need to hear like “You Don’t Have to be Happy All the Time” and “How to know if You’re Doing the Right Thing”.
What led you to begin your illustration career?

I didn't think I was good at anything when I was growing up! Art school seemed like my only option as a student who wasn't particularly book smart, but gravitated towards creativity. My high school art teacher told me to declare illustration as a major—I didn't really know what that was—but here I am still practicing it to this day!

What is inspiring you right now?

What inspires me is all of the people speaking out about their mental health. There are comedians, models, actors, artists, politicians—you name it—opening up about the struggle that goes on inside of their heads, and this is a really necessary thing to be open and honest about. We all have mental health, but our personal struggles can feel very isolating.

What’s your favorite part about the NYC creative community?

There is so much diversity! And there are so many new folks left to discover. Instagram has been a really helpful tool for both introducing me to new work, and for making personal connections with the creators themselves.

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