Cool Friends:  Trinity Mouzon & Issey Kobori of Golde 

Meet Trinity & Issey - the duo behind superfood self-care brand, Golde. After launching with just one product (their turmeric latte blend), Golde has expanded to offer a selection of products that celebrates superfoods and what they can do for your body.

How did you begin your superfood self-care brand, Golde?
We started Golde 4 years ago from our Brooklyn apartment on a mission to make wellness fun and easy for all. Golde was really our answer feeling caught between the "crunchy granola" stuff we'd both grown up with Upstate, and the next wave of stuff that was so prestigious that it was totally out of reach. We worked with a couple of friends and taught ourselves how to do the packaging design, product photography, even the manufacturing. We were the only two full-time employees until last year. Now we're a team of ten, which is wild!

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community?
A lot of the time New York feels like a small town. You can run into a friend while sitting outside of your favorite coffee shop, and catch up on all the awesome stuff they're working on. Everyone's always got something new to share, and they're always looking for ways to hype one other up.

What’s inspiring you right now?
We've actually been back home in Upstate New York for the past few months, and that time with nature has been really nice. We're deep into gardening right now, and it's been cool to learn about how we can build sustainable little ecosystems in a backyard that support wildlife populations, plant diversity, soil health…we're wondering how we can bring that energy back to NYC too!

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