Cool Friends:  Claudia Frolova

August 20, 2021

Meet Claudia, a New York based ceramicist whose colorful, checkered works have captured our hearts. You might have noticed one of our favorite pieces getting some HEAVY use in the background of our instagram stories — the Olive Dish. We caught up with Claudia to hear about her start in ceramics, and how her grandparents’ daily rituals inspire her work.

How did you first become interested in ceramics?

I took my first ceramics class in middle school and was instantly inspired by working with clay. I’ve always enjoyed having an idea and physically making it with my hands. I continued to take classes here and there, but after graduating college and starting my career in fashion design, I realized I was missing a personal creative outlet. I approach ceramics similarly to how I design clothes—reimagining classic staples with a playful point of view. But in my ceramics, the form dictates a very specific function, often related to food. My flower crudités bowls are designed so each petal can hold a different snack and the center is for the dip. It’s a statement piece for your table when you have friends over for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. When it’s not in use, the bowl is still special enough to be displayed on your coffee table or bookshelf like an artwork rather than tucked away in a high cabinet with the rest of your dinnerware.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

I love how accessible art is in New York. Living in the city allows me to be surrounded by museums, galleries, architecture, theater and creative people. There is continuous inspiration, and the best part is a lot of it’s free and at your immediate disposal. New York is such a bustling city and having lived here my whole life has allowed me to build relationships with people who have a wide range of creative interests. My boyfriend Lucas Page runs his gallery, PAGE (NYC), and through him I have been introduced to so many incredibly talented emerging artists whose work pushes me to think creatively.

What's inspiring you right now?

There are so many things that spark inspiration for me, but one that is constant is my family. My grandparents have wonderful habits and rituals that I always find amusing. The olive bowl started last year when my grandpa told me that after a long day’s work, he had been enjoying a few olives as a treat before dinner and my nana, a single slice of prosciutto. For Christmas, I decided to make them an appetizer set—hence the creation of the olive bowl. In this case, it had a matching mini board to hold each of their individual snacks.

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