Cool Friends:  Chris Black

Meet Chris, a brand strategist, writer, host, and hilarious social commentator. Chris wears many hats: penning a column in the Strategist, co-hosting the podcast How Long Gone, and running brand consultancy Public Announcement.

How did the How Long Gone podcast begin?

My co-host Jason Stewart and I have been friends for years. I was a frequent guest on his old show, Tall Tales. When the lockdown started in March, I joked that we should do a daily dispatch together, which turned into How Long Gone, the podcast we do three times a week! It was meant to be.

What's your favorite part about the New York creative community?

The skill level. People are very talented; it not only pushes you to be better, but makes collaboration fun, exciting, and fruitful.

What's inspiring you right now?

The weather in Los Angeles, my trainer Hunter Seagroves, photographers Justine Kurland, Eric Chakeen, Iris Humm, and Nick Waplington, playwright Jeremy O. Harris, music by Lomelda, Drop Nineteens, Country Westerns, Casual Ties, Sonic Boom, and The Vulgar Boatmen. Writing by Andrew Martin, Kaitlin Phillips, and Jason Stewart.

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Illustration by Dana Veraldi, photo 1 by Tim Coleman, photo 2 by Eric Chakeen.

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