Cool Friends:  Brynn Wallner

Photos: Chris Black & Cobey Arner
Meet Brynn, a New York-based creative director, producer, and copywriter behind Dimepiece: a woman’s comprehensive resource for high end watches. Through her instagram account and newly launched website, Brynn breaks away from the boys club energy of the watch world to make female-focused watch content.

How did you come to launch your new project, Dimepiece?

I was working on the editorial team at Sotheby's and produced a series called G.O.A.T. for the Watches Department. I didn't know anything about watches at the time (nor was I even interested in them) – but working on these pieces forced me to learn more. With more learning came more interest, and all of a sudden I was j'obsessed! I started noticing watches everywhere – on people's wrists on the subway, in TV and movies, on my IG feed. But there was another thing I noticed: the watch world is a total boys club! Yawnnnnn. The pieces I helped produce would cover the illustrious history of, for example, the Rolex Daytona – and you'd read about its association with Paul Newman all the way up to Jonah Hill. But no love for the ladies! It was the first time I could genuinely use the marketing term "white space" without cracking up... there's a total white space in the sense that there is no centralized resource for women interested in watches. So I started the DIMPEICE IG account with the intention of developing it into a bigger thing... it's still a work in progress but all of the organic interest indicates to me that the world's been waiting for something like this.

Amrit Sidhu | Credit: Cobey Arner

What’s your favorite part about the New York creative community?

There's just so much going on at any given time that it's impossible not to be inspired. I'm extremely online (especially during the p*ndemic), and if you're on Twitter, in particular, the discourse is just... never ending. Smart, funny people throwing around ideas and hot takes and jokes for free?? Then you see these internet friends on the street or at parties, and you're like I KNOW YOU! And they know you back, and it's exciting – it just clicks! You just feel thrust into this cultural, um, "melting pot" and it's just pure fun at the heart of it. The energy in NYC is addictive and the creative community is so supportive without being cheesy about it.

What’s inspiring you right now?

My friends!! We're finally coming into positions of power and decision making, starting successful businesses, moving the needle. With real time and experience comes a true, lasting glow up. Creating DIMEPIECE has been so fun because all of my friends have been incredibly encouraging. And it's ~synergistic~... they help me, I help them, we're all just naturally linking and building together lol. It's a beautiful thing.

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