Cool Friends: 
Anna Brettschneider & Garrett Albury

October 29, 2021

We’ve been doing this newsletter for 86 weeks now and we’ve been told time and time again to show our faces a little more around here. The final push came from Janie Korn last week at her show opening, and when New York’s resident candle genius tells you to do something, you do it! So, here we are! AB & G, the little fingers who type type this email every week :)

A little bit about us:

Outside of this fun project, we both work full time as designers. Anna, as a textile designer & interior stylist, and Garrett as a UX & Graphic designer. We’re also roommates / luvas <3 who do all the fun things together and never get tired of it!

Why we started

It all happened on the M train while speeding above Myrtle Ave with our friend Sara. We wanted a way to share all our view of New York, one that wasn’t simply big brands & Broadway. What started as a weekly newsletter to our close friends has grown to a community of nearly 4500 readers (ty)! It’s been fun to use coolstuff as a way to learn more about our city, connect with other creatives, and tell all our friends about the newest cool thing to try.
Our favorite part about the New York creative community:

Almost everyone you come across is kind and helpful. A lot of our cool friend features are even crowdsourced by other creatives lifting each other up. In New York, everybody eats. Plus you all give us an endless amount of events and shows to write about because you are endlessly creative.
What's inspiring us right now:

Annie & Josef Albers. Martinis. The writings of Stefan Zweig. Handwritten cards. Carla Lalli’s new cookbook, That Sounds So Good. Fall floral arrangements. Gallery Openings. Afternoon espresso breaks. Monet’s kitchen. Fresh bread. Newspapers. Haydn’s concertos.
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