Cool Friends: Michelle McLaughlin

Meet Michelle, one of our favorite local ceramics artists (and teachers) in Brooklyn. Through Calyer Ceramics, Michelle creates lovely hand-made clay vessels, lamps, and functional art-objects for the home.
How did you get into your ceramics?

I practiced ceramics a bit in college, but primarily I studied traditional darkroom photography. In 2013, eight years later, I went back to ceramics at Choplet, and it pretty quickly took over my life.

What is inspiring you right now?

The artist Beate Kuhn, the Instagram blog/store Peanut Vendor, Louise Bourgeois quilts.

What’s your favorite part about the NYC creative community?

My artist community are my actual friends. It is important for my art practice to have other people to work alongside with and to be able to bounce ideas off of each other and just hang out. This has become especially apparent recently because of the pandemic, I really miss my buds!

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