Best “Slow Foods”

The time is now for home cooking, but the more we do it the more routine it can feel. Here are a few recipes that will take some time, but are well worth it. 

Bolognese Sauce

This might take ~ 4 hours, but it is definitely the most passive recipe; a lot of prep then you wait. Start this mid-day—you should be home anyways.

Roberta’s Pizza Dough

Now we know that Roberta’s is open, but if you’re not in Brooklyn or just looking for a seriously great dough recipe, this is hands-down the best we’ve tried. And there have been many homemade pizza nights recently.

Scallion Pancakes

It pains us knowing that Wu’s Wonton King & Great NY Noodletown are just over the bridge, yet so far out of reach. These help.

Naan Bread

This recipe takes WAY longer than it says. The 1 hour at the top is just wrong? Make sure to read allll the different rising times, or you’ll end up like us and enjoy your flatbread as a dessert.


This is easy if you’re buying pre-made dumpling wrappers (recommended!) Each dumpling takes care and time but this is a very fun weekend cooking activity. 

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