Best Places to Work on a Side Project in NYC

Starting a side project is a lot of work. It requires careful planning and time set aside from your daily schedule. Along the journey of launching we had lots of conversations and all-out work sessions. Here are our favorite places to grind away on your side project in NYC.

La Cantine


We were infamously asked to leave after spending one too many hours on a Saturday after coding the site during no-laptop hours. Come here during a weekday for the colorful floral arrangements and bottomless coffee.

The M Train

Above Broadway

Being on a slow-moving, above-ground train that has access to decent cell service, the M train is a great place to kill time by starting a record length google doc on your iPhone.

Prospect Park


Sometimes the best thing for a side project is leaving the laptop behind and going analog. Bring a notebook to the park and make sure to take breaks to do some of the best people-watching this city has to offer.

Public Records


Bright, spacious, oat milk cortados, internet access...need we say more? This is a great place to work on a weekend morning to experimental vinyl over the hi-fi sound system.
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